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Herbert W Armstrong had a great ability to make the Truths of God PLAIN.  Many vitally important teachings TAKEN DIRECTLY FROM THE BIBLE are made so plain that “even a child can understand”!  Read and ENJOY!

Which Day is the Christian SABBATH?

Were the Ten Commandments in Force BEFORE Moses?

Is ALL Animal Flesh Good Food?

Just What is ARMAGEDDON?

Who or What is the Prophetic Beast?

What Will You Be Doing in the Next Life?

The Book of Revelation UNVEILED at Last!

What Do You Mean — SALVATION?

All about Water BAPTISM

Lazarus and the Rich Man

Predestination — Does the Bible Teach It?

The Middle East in Prophecy

Does God Heal Today?

Just What do You Mean — BORN AGAIN?

Did God Create a DEVIL?

What Is FAITH?

Is God Fair?

Human Nature — Did God Create It?

Just What Do You Mean — KINGDOM OF GOD?

Let God Fight Your Battles!

What is a LIBERAL?

Is There a HELL?

The Resurrection Was NOT on SUNDAY!

The Plain Truth about Christmas

The Plain Truth about Easter

The Seven Laws of SUCCESS!

What Science Can’t Discover about the Human Mind!

Should We Use the Old Testament?